Our Mobile Application

At nxtWhat, we are constantly thriving to develop innovative suite of applications to target new customers and new markets and thereby help create a meaningful impact in the industry. We want our customers to leverage the benefits of today’s fast moving and rapidly changing technology and therefore our efforts are concentrated towards offering application development for Android and iPhone – the two most popular SmartPhone platforms. Our team of exceptionally qualified and experienced developers strikes the right chords through lending their technical expertise and marketing acumen in developing applications as per our client’s exact requirements. Our developers spend time understanding how our clients perceive the application they would like to get developed and then they get down to the basics of comprehending and developing applications accordingly. A clear communication strategy combined with a systematic and a well-thought out process is what we strive for when working on any application development.

Reaching out to our clients
Our first step is to reach out to our clients by offering them customized application development solutions. If you have a requirement needing constant development support for a certain period of time, we would willingly work with you on your project. Alternately if you have an urgency to immediately develop and market a particular application, we would efficiently hand over the developed application within the stipulated timeline. We remain equally enthusiastic about our short-term application projects, as we would be for our long-term development associations with our clients.

Communication is the Key
When we decide to partner with a certain client and help them build powerful application solutions, we ensure we interact with our clients in a clear and a concise manner. Our focus is on forging a bond with our clients where they are able to easily communicate and interact with us whenever they have an opinion, suggestion or need to give a feedback.

Laying the Foundation
The foundation of any application development is the core experience, expertise and technical knowhow of the development team. Our development team not only possesses all these important elements but is also filled with a sense of enthusiasm and urgency that act as a driving force to create something unique, different and innovative yet extremely accessible and simple.

A Definite Shape
Our team of developers with years of experience in both iPhone and Android applications will delve into the depths of these two platforms to unearth technical solutions thereby providing a definite shape to the mobile application being developed. Proficient in various verticals of both iPhone and Android platforms, our developers can ingeniously utilize the core technologies to develop applications that meet with the exact requirements of our clients.