About Learning & Development

At nxtwhat, we realize that technology changes literally at the speed of lightning and keeping abreast with the evolving facets of technology is essential to thrive and grow in the industry. The need to quickly embrace the emerging technologies and adapt with the fast paced changes have made it necessary for us to introduce a learning and development module that matches with the current wave of technology. Any individual with a passion for learning or enhancing their knowledge or skill sets on the current technology trends will embrace the courses we are offering. Presently, we are all aware mobile technology has taken the world by storm and each day customers are being exposed to a suite of sophisticated applications. Therefore going by the current trend and market dynamics, we have designed comprehensive learning modules on iPhone and Android – two of the most popular platforms.

At nxtWhat we exactly tell you about what is ‘Next What in Technology’ and how we can help you gain the right kind of experience and leverage the varied benefits.

No Ordinary learning :
We do not believe in a typical classroom method of inculcating learning, as we believe it is the passion that drives us to share what we learnt and gained through our experiences. Our team of experts will facilitate the learning process by sharing with you the technical expertise, insights and providing you with hands-on experience.

A Deeper Meaning :
We don’t believe in just scraping the surface, as our efforts are concentrated towards delving right into the depth of the subject matter. The idea is to continue igniting your yearning for learning by digging deep till we have together unearthed the depths of a particular platform or technology.

Never Cease to Learn :
We truly believe the process of learning never ends and even though you may finish the course, the learning never ceases. Hence, our efforts are to constantly renew and continue the learning process through regular updates, insights and news on the latest technology trends as well as conducting seminars and refreshers course within regular intervals.

Establishing long lasting bonds :
We do not believe in faceless interactions wherein the moment you finish the course, we prepare for the next batch and completely forget about you. That’s not us because we believe in sharing a special bond with you based on our shared interests, mutual respect and trust, a desire to help each other and establish a lifelong camaraderie.