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In today’s world, technology has become a quintessential part of our existence and as a result our lifestyles, our work and our education have also evolved. At nxtwhat we possess a passion for technology and aim to harness our passion through the coming together of likeminded people, technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, companies and technology firms.

We are not just a technology firm; we are technology partners aspiring to create a platform for nurturing and building a community to support, teach, develop and grow together with our technology partners, clients, vendors and students. We intend to engage, interact, communicate and inspire our clients to believe and trust in us while we together follow the pursuit of excellence in technology.

We have taken a small yet a significant step towards aiding the convergence of technology through developing and imparting complete learning solutions and partnering with our customers to create innovative technology applications.

At nxtwhat, we are constantly attuned to the changing dynamics that are taking place in the world of technology. Hence we are currently concentrating our efforts on tapping the potential of mobile technology – the latest trend to catch the imagination of the world and revolutionize communication.

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